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This is not wall art but Creative freedom. It is not yours but your soul's.
Art is

The ancient nature of art takes us back.

Art is Transformational
Art is

The love of art opens our heart.

The soul    plays  with what it lovesCome play.
This art is a Self-portrait of all of you. It is about   inclusion and acceptance.
This is not art on a wall in a gallery or museum. It is in and about you: you are the alchemical great work of art. Art holds and transforms you like a alchemical vessel. In this art you don't have to be perfect, you just have to be you. You are everything you need. It is the perfect imperfection of who you really and naturally are, who you were made to be that is essential: YOU. There will be no art critique or judgement of you or the art you create. There is no good or bad, right or wrong. This art is about acceptance and love, revelation and intuition. This is creative play in which you embody the images of your soul to see, feel and remember them. In this soul art, it matters more what it feels like than looks like. (It doesn't matter if you can draw or hold a tune to heal.) The images are a way to dialogue and dream with the soul. No matter what the medium, art allows you to express and know yourself and your soul. In this journey you gain insight into yourself and others to see a bigger picture and expanded perspective in which you are apart of a larger whole.  All of you is welcome here and YOU ARE AN ARTIST. Whether journaling, drawing, painting, sculpting, dancing, eating or singing, this is about effort and honesty.

Every act of creation is an act of courage.

Georgia O'keeffe

Looking back through the  eye of the soul to remember an older  way of knowing.

To understand this kind of art, it is helpful to reimagine re-search as looking again or back into the past. This is not modern wall art that is framed and perfect. It is an ancient way of knowing whose repression in modern times is the cause of psychic (soul) dis-ease. It is an ancient feminine (the soul is often seen as feminine) way of knowing. In reclaiming the soul's creativity we remember how to heal and teach ourselves as lineage and legacy holders. We are honoring and healing the soul in our life and all life. In remembering how to learn through art, we undergo a process that Jung called a “proper education” and “the best safeguard against psychic illness." This visionary art is the school of the soul, teaching us how to “cleanse" and embody our psyche. While imagining art and soul in this way may seem strange, it is natural--just forgotten. It is the way soul was accessed through the ages. It is an ancestral, indigenous, and earth-based way of maternal wisdom.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of the day."


This Art Centers Around the Soul  
Just as the circle is a symbol of wholeness, at its center is the soul. This process teaches you to orbit around a new center: the soul. In this center is your power, passion, purpose and potential.

Instead of the ego, this creative path orbits the soul.  Centered by the soul, we realize that art is not peripheral but essential: central. Because the "artistic creation is repressed" in the modern mechanized world, Jung said, "the forgotten artist must be fetched up again from the darkness of the subconscious, and a path cleared for the urge for artistic expression.” In this sense art is an “educator” who does not breed “mass men," but liberates them. This is between you and your soul who is your teacher and liberator. Critically, this was the feminine principal speaking to, through and often arguing with Jung. It is our need to be free by tethering to our soul.

 "Art is the journey of a   free soul." 


Courageous Creativity 
Art helps us take on and befriend  dragons.
Art teaches us to find our center and use our power on our quest to overcome our own darkness. It demands deep commitment and formidable courage to embrace the shadows within and befriend them. Like a process of soul retrieval, we gather the treasure of the soul in the caves of our own stories, creating our own crown and mythology. In this tale, you are the treasure you find in the depths of your being. You are the gold that is refined, the diamond in the rough, and the pearl in the shell. On this path, there is nothing you can't overcome and you are always enough and never alone. You are not only enough you are more than you imagined. Trust yourself.
"To create one's world in any of the arts takes courage." Georgia O'Keeffe
"Only one who has risked the fight with the dragon and is not overcome by it wins the hoard, the 'TREASURE hard to attain.'"
Art is an ongoing Psychological (soul) education
As long as we live we are learning, and this path reflects this life journey. Speaking of his art-based path, Jung said: "At
present we educate people only up to the point where they can earn a living . . . then education ceases all together." People  
 "spend their entire lives in complete ignorance of the most important things." This creative path is an education in the most
important things that stretches from the beginning to the end of our life. It follows the saying: "What if the most important thing 
is not a thing?" This path travels beyond the traditional formative education to discover the most important important thing is 

not a thing but the soul. Built in a learning program designed to accommodate how we learn in self-generated community, this is
a path that holds all of the aspects of your life in a living, loving and learning platform on SOUL SPACE.
An Alchemical Great Work of Art
"There is no end to education...The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning." Krishnamurti
Learn to See without Judgement
"There is an art of seeing things as they are: without naming, without being caught in a network of words, without thinking interfering with perception."
"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes." C JUNG 

Heather is an artist who loves to explore art and education as a creative path to transformation and revelation. She is inspired by our collective human potential and how we can catalyze personal passion into powerful and sustainable collective change. She has a doctoral degree in art as an archetypal process of individuation (transformation) at Pacifica Graduate Institute and the website and are a result of her study on Jung and his art-based methodology.

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