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Art with purpose


Each medium, style, and composition has a unique feeling. How do you envision and imagine your soul painting? Sometimes an animal will cross your path to help you. Let synchronicity, dream imagery, and your life guide you.

Art is a form of manifestation that guides us like a golden thread running through our life. What is the pattern that you want to weave and commemorate in your art? 

Weave an image of power and purpose.


Art is a way to remember and honor people, places, and experiences that we love. It is a time-tested process for creating sacred meaning. It begins with wonder and the invitation of an image from the depths. Invite soul in. 

Hold the idea like a seed and see what grows. What is the vision of your soul? What form matches your vision? It could be a watercolor or acrylic on canvas . . . or a drum. Get curious.

Art grows. It is a process like you.