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Please submit your questions or intentions to Heather. We will officially accept registration  4.1.2020 launch of the educational platform, Learning Thru Art. 

The platform will be a dynamic container that facilitates remote learning coupled with immersion retreats at Beloved Sanctuary. Certification available for participation and teaching/therapeutic application. For more information look to,, and

Heather Taylor-Zimmerman

Heather makes her home among the tall trees and deep water of the Puget Sound in Washington state. Surrounded by mountains, lakes, and rivers, she resides on the shore of an inlet by a green cove and and a natural spring. Her love of nature is rooted in the tall trees of the surrounding forest, and it  has branched into the creation of a nearby nature and creativity retreat center called Beloved Sanctuary. A magical place where art and nature converge in creative wonder and service to the world, Beloved is where Heather learned to enter the natural world like a painting or the alchemist's Great Work of Art. In deep appreciation and collaboration with the natural world as an embodiment of the anima mundi or world soul, Heather works (and plays) at Beloved to remember curriculum that reflects humanity's capacity to create art and create themselves in the soul's image.


At Beloved we are reminded to be love and that we are beloved, echoing Jung's concluding realization in in his biography Memories, Dreams, Reflections that while "no words express the whole . . . Love 'bears all things' and 'endures all thing,' (1 Cor. 13: 17), adding "These words say all there is to be said; nothing can be added to them. For we are in the deepest sense the victims and the instruments of cosmogonic 'love,'" (p. 354). Speaking of "something superior to the individual," Jung called this a "unified and undivided whole" (p. 354). This is Eros, and the guiding principle of Beloved, realizing the soul's calling to bring love into the foreground in us and through us. This is the ultimate invitation. Love and be loved, remembering the forgotten feminine beloved of the Song of Songs, having returned to the Garden.

Alive and ensouled we are one. Breathe in. Dig deep. Rooted in the earth, you may touch the heavens - experience BELOVED. Wonder awaits. More than a venue, it is an invitation to go within. We start at the heart, BELOVED.​ Located a couple of miles from Olympia's westside, BELOVED is a celebration of the natural world and human nature. Immerse yourself in a diverse and beautiful landscape.

Tel: 360.359.1522


Heather is an artist who loves to explore art and education as a creative path to transformation and revelation. She is inspired by our collective human potential and how we can catalyze personal passion into powerful and sustainable collective change. She has a doctoral degree in art as an archetypal process of individuation (transformation) at Pacifica Graduate Institute and the website and are a result of her study on Jung and his art-based methodology.

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