An Offering for and from your Soul

"Where there is no vision the people perish."



Learn to see the world anew to gain fresh insight and perspective.


“The archetypal images decide the fate of man.” C G JUNG


This path reclaims your deepest passion, purpose and potential through Soul Power.

Soul of Creativity is an undertaking that leads to a deep and abiding knowledge of your Self, others, the world. It is a path of salvation in the sense that it leads you both into and out of the darkness through the dark night of the soul to reconnect with the web of light and life that is the soul. It is a journey that extends beyond our limitations as we are atONEd in the soul's connection to all life, fulfilling our purpose, passion and potential (whatever that is for you_. This may sound grand and mysterious, and IT IS. This path leads you to the buried treasure of a happy, healthy and whole life of soul power: a Self-acceptance and empowerment that is the soul's LOVE for you, moving through you into the world. Like a diamond formed from coal, this transformation is born of pressure and time. It is not easy but deeply valuable.

This creative journey:

  • Connects you to your soul's purpose and your essential nature

  • Gives you a vision and new perspective on who you are and where you are going

  • Reaches out to and reinforces the connection to your soul as a guiding agent

  • Remembers and activates soul qualities and potential that help you to fulfill your purpose

  • Alchemizes your nature to realize your soul's nature through you

  • Increases your passion for life in service and love for all life

  • Transforms your life in fundamental ways that are both personal and professional 

  • Creates growth that is unique to you and your soul's transcendent vision and wisdom 

"Humankind, full of all creative possibilities, is God's work. Humankind is called to assist God. Humankind is called to co-create. With nature's help, humankind can set into creation all that is necessary and life-sustaining."

Hildegard of Bingen



Finding your  path.

Like stepping stones, the offerings move through sequential stages on a path. You can go as far as you want on your journey. 


A free 150 page workbook and 12 video series

with any 6 month or year offering

5 week ORIENTATION, Including

Deep Self-Care for your Whole Self

Soul Toolkit: Sills and Techniques for the road

Soul's Path: An orientation

Soul Mapping: Navigating the journey

Dark Night of the Soul


(each year is sequential and optional)


Year 1. A Soulful Path: Following in Archetypal Footsteps


Year 2. Returning to Your Center, Home, and Wholeness

Year 3. Certification and training for teaching


EMBARKING: Year Journeys

(individual stand alone offerings)

Dark Night of the Soul: Learning to See in the Dark

Compassionate Cancer Care

Awakening to Dream: Cultivating a Rich Dream Life

Soulful Living: A Year of Embodying Soul


(Explore 6 month Path Year Series)

Deep Self-Care: Nurturing Soul Growth


Explore Individual 3 Month Paths

Forest Bathing: Wild Nature Therapy

Soul Portraits: Your and Your Animal Guides

Circle Passages: Finding Yourself and Your Way


Calling in Your Power with Patricia Bukur


Returning to Your Roots: Remembering Wholeness

Returning to Your Soul: Building Intimacy

Returning to Your Self: Building Connection

The Courses form a Soul MATRIX

An Interconnected web of Life and an alchemical Container

“A Matrix of a mythopoetic imagination which has vanished from our rational age.”  Jung 

The courses are designed as a matrix of the soul's creative imagination and alchemical transformation.  Matrices

are a part of nature, and they connect your nature with nature in a living landscape. They form a superorganism like a beehive.


Meaning 1.“an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure.”

The soul provides the matrix or environment for human and nonhuman life in which they connect.

Meaning 2. “A mass of fine-grained rock in which gems, crystals, or fossils are embedded.”

This is a substrata of the soul's depths where we find buried treasure formed like diamonds from coal.

Meaning 3.  “The place or point from which something else originates, takes form, evolves.”

This is the landscape of the soul and the point of origination. The soul is causal. It is how we create.

The soul creates like a bee Hive

A bee hive is a Super organism and altruistic social structure

The soul is LIFE as a whole: all life. Like a bee hive, the soul works for the greater good and well being of all life. One of the ways that you can imagine the soul is as a benevolent life force that connects each individual (and individual soul) in a way that honors the whole. Through the soul, life is energized with, around and through you to co-create a better, deeper life (not always a superficially happy life). In this sense we are like bees working together to pollinate the dreams of the soul in the world. We are bees and the Queen Bee is the soul. The art we create are like flowers and food for the soul that help sustain us as well as the world.

   "We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses."  Jung


Creating a Therapeutic Container

Because this play digs deep, it is also hard work. The soul is a healer, excavating your wounded past to resurrect your dreams. Like making art, you have to get your hands dirty in this process. No mud, no lotus as the saying goes. As an important element of support, these courses include optional weekly check ins with Heather and additional onsite social media communication in an embedded platform for community support. Designed to create intimacy in community, the courses weave self-care and self-knowledge within the group and world to honor the individuated whole. This work is paradoxically individual and collective. To support you in your healing process, a structure of insight and oversight has been created. Part of this structure is held in the Soul Space site, a living, loving and learning platform that hosts the Soul of creativity offerings. This site has bee hive and circle structures that help you to create communities of support that can help hold you as you grow and evolve. Soul space can be visited below.

Beyond the free structures of Soul Space, Heather has created additional layers of containment.

Additional Support to hold you in your transformation.

  1. An hour long introductory beginning and concluding session to open and close the container of the soul with Heather.

  2. Additional weekly 45 min check ins to share the art and active imagination (process of imaginal dialoguing with the art) as well issues that come up in your life that amplify or relate to the art. These additional sessions provide psychic containment for the living images and yourself as an evolving Self-portrait of the soul.


The beginning and end session are $111 and $60 for weekly sessions.

Sessions held either in person at the Beloved Sanctuary or via zoom . They are scheduled on the learning site.

This work is powerful because it is archetypal: it is transformative and transpersonal. So it may require help to hold. 

Because of the psychoactive (soul activating) nature of the work, which activates the soul's creative capacity, there is a need for containment. So, the first offering in the coursework is a 2 week bonus course on creating an alchemical container for the work. 

“Art is an innate drive that seizes a human being and makes him its instrument. The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its purposes through him.” C G Jung


All courses have a similar structure, including an introduction and 7 days of course content, followed by a week of gentle and playful application and assimilation.

Each week of content has a video and a graphic (verbal &visual) document.

The structure follows this repeating pattern

. . .

Each Week Includes


Embodied Practice

Food for the Soul

Art Exploration

Creation: Nature

Creation: Art

Bonus Material: Deep Self-Care

Includes weekly lessons on soul science, yoga, soul food and more.

*The soul enlivens, and this is a life practice to support your whole life.


Integration of week 1

daily integration prompts

Courses include optional weekly check ins with Heather and additional onsite social media communication in an embedded platform for community support. Designed to create intimacy in community, the courses weave self-care and self-knowledge within the group and world to honor the individuated whole.


This is a  natural path that connects you to your nature and nature.

The end of Heather's path lead to land that has been held sacred by indigenous people that reached out to her as a teacher and teaching ground. Soul of Creativity walks this land virtually, but this land is also built into the design of the coursework as a place to come for in depth learning.

LEARN WITH THE LAND (To be reopened when shelter in place guidelines for Coronavirus are lifted)

Residentials are strongly recommended for all 6 month coursework and are mandatory for the year-long teaching certification process. Residentials help to create deeper intimacy and understanding of the process.

Pricing and scheduling are available on request for individuals and groups with 3 to 7 day retreat options. All residentials are designed and facilitated in collaboration and co-creation with the land as ensouled or the soul in the world.


"It is not to be thought; it is to be viewed. It is a painting." Jung of his soul." C. G. Jung


Heather is an artist who loves to explore art and education as a creative path to transformation and revelation. She is inspired by our collective human potential and how we can catalyze personal passion into powerful and sustainable collective change. She has a doctoral degree in art as an archetypal process of individuation (transformation) at Pacifica Graduate Institute and the website and are a result of her study on Jung and his art-based methodology.

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