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"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature in his [their] pictures."

Henry Ward Beecher 

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Soul Space Launching 1.11

Workshops & Classes Starting 1.29 

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STARTING IN JANUARY: Find your Path...

 Explore the OFFERING CATEGORIES: General, Jungian, Healing, Rites of Passage

Hosted on a comprehensive learning platform, Soul Space offers courses with an internal community hub for each course as well as the larger community. Archived material allows you to return to the coursework, while live forums help you connect in real time. Weekly content drops in to guide you with videos, audio recordings, and workbook pages along with live formats to discuss and share as you go. All of the ongoing classes have both a transformational (alchemical) partner option as well as live circle work to help create a safe and intimate transformational space. To help you go deep and be safe, these ongoing classes also come with a free 30 minute session as an emergent or emergency touch in that you can use at when you need support.


Release Your Past. Jan. 29-31  Moving through 3 days, this weekend virtual retreat is designed to help You release the past to embody the present and envision the future. With 3 live sessions from 6:30-8 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you begin with an opening circle, moving into story and discovery to recognize and release memories and obstacles from the past year to more fully move into the present. Combining live sessions, journaling, dreamwork, and creative prompts with time for reflection and integration, you create intimate and powerful change. Honor the past to move into the new year together

Dark Night of the Soul. Feb. 12-14th  A weekend offering with evening sessions from 6:30-8:00 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, this virtual retreat helps you navigate the darkness around and in you. We have all experience inner darkness. So, we enter into the transformative cocoon of the dark night of the soul together, moving from dusk to dawn to experience a creative rebirth. Using art journaling, self-generated ritual, dreamwork, and shadowplay, this class includes opening and closing circles, dream prompts, and active imagination to aid and guide your transformation. Come celebrate the coming of light. 

ART PLAY SESSIONS. Drop in and play, starting in February

Friday Happy Hour. A free drop-in from 7-8:30 on the third Friday of the month beginning in February, this is a happy hour play date to help you relax into your weekend. Grab your favorite beverage and unwind with fun music, laughter, inspiration, and creative exploration. These sessions include a range of creative participation. Each Friday is designed to help you unwind and have fun. Just like any Friday, you don't have to start happy but the goal is to get there together. 

Monthly Creative Circle. An art therapeutic class to help support you creatively as you navigate your life journey. Held on the Second Sunday from 2-3:30, we will work and play through art journaling with a focus on dreamwork and active imagination. Opening and closing each class with a circle, we will create a safe container for you to transform within a supportive community. This container can be used by new participants or any of the other classes to provide additional support. 

KITS for Soul. Heartfelt LIVING

Active Imagination Kit. Feb. 6th  A series of 8 videos, lessons, exercises, prompts, and activities along with a 30 minute session with Heather to ask questions and get individual feedback. Jung evolved active imagination as a method for individuation. While focusing primarily on the Black and Red Books (4 videos), the course also explores the embodied imagination in nature and the body. Bonus material includes visionary art, visualization and participation mystique.

Dream Kit. Feb. 6th  A series of 8 videos, lessons, exercises, prompts, and activities along with a 30 minute session with Heather to ask questions and get individual feedback. Jung evolved dreamwork and this kit dives into his approach with 2 videos, going on to explore lucid dreaming, dream yoga, dream tending, dream journaling, and more. This class is a foundational class to help you dream the dream on in your life and awaken to the power of dreams to guide you.

Arts-based Research Kit. Feb. 6th  A series of 8 videos, lessons, exercises, prompts, and activities along with a 30 minute session with Heather to ask questions and get individual feedback. Jung pioneered arts-based research, referring to it as a "healing" and a "teaching." While focusing primarily on the Black and Red Books (4 videos), the course also examines Jung's carving and murals as well as a discussion of indigenous art, active imagination, and participation mystique.

CLASSES for Soul. Soul Series
Creating an Opus (soul work). Mar. 5-7th  Jung said that we are all artists and that we all have a creative opus or soul work. This is a weekend offering with a Friday lecture on Jung's creative path from 6:30-8:00 with a follow up experiential workshop on Saturday from 9-12:00 and a sharing circle to close on Sunday from 10-11:30. Dream prompts, journal exercises, and active imagination activities will help to weave in and integrate the time out of session and the unconscious. 
Soulful Living. Mar. 1st Join me in an intimate 8-week exploration of soul. Each week we will take a soul quality to deep dive into embodying soul qualities in ourselves and lives. The soul is creative, joyful, playful, courageous, compassionate, and kind. Through weekly activities, prompts, and journaling, we will manifest these qualities to create a more soulful and meaningful life. In the last two weeks we will explore our own unique soul qualities to discover the nature of YOUR soul. This class continues through the year with a 6 month and year reunion as well as journal prompts, quotes, and activities to deepen your exploration.
Soul Portrait. Mar. 15th Come create a soul portrait in a 10 week course that includes self-reflection, journaling, active imagination, synchronicity, and dreamwork as well as technical coursework and support. In this class you walk down a path of self-discovery and creativity, guided by your intuition and supported by weekly sessions that help you envision, design, and create your portrait. Topics like color symbolism, visionary art, and sacred geometry will be introduced to help you on your creative journey.  

Jungian CLASSES. Transforming with SOUL

Following in Archetypal Footsteps. Feb. 15th A 6 month course following in the footsteps of the psychologist Carl Jung, walking the transformative “path” that he lead his advanced patients on. With 4 months of weekly course content to guide you through the initial creation of your own Black and Red Books, this course continues with monthly content and oversight as you find yourself, soul, and way on a year-long journey. As you travel, live group and partner circles help support you.

An Introduction to the Path. Feb. 15th A 12-week intensive, this class initiates you on the individuation journey above, following in Jung’s archetypal footstep on a shortened version of the path above. Designed to help you begin your Black and Red Books, this class is created for people who already feel that they are advanced or want to explore more on their own.

A Healing Path. Feb. 15th A 12-week intensive like the offering above, this class is designed for those who are experiencing homelessness, financial insecurity, or are otherwise at risk, including young adults. Based on an honor system, this is an offering to provide support for those who are most in need, recognizing the psychological need of those who do not have a safe container in their lives. A free art kit including a journal and supplies are available upon request. Please reach out if you have questions.

Jungian CLASSES. Black and Red Book and Active Imagination

Finding Soul in the Black Book. March 1st A 12 week course on creating your own Black Books, focusing on the archetypal example of Jung's creative opus. Recently published, Jung's Black Books offer a beautiful example of the search for soul. With weekly prompts, activities, lectures, and discussions, we will embark together on a journey of soul exploration, while creating our own journals. 

Creating Soul in the Red Book. March 1st A 12 week course on creating your own Red Book. Just as Jung elaborated the material from his Black Books in art, you will learn to speak your soul's pictorial language using calligraphy, drawing, and painting to find your own way. Together we will explore the Red Book genre of an illuminated manuscript and a mystery play--the unique form that Jung's soul had him create and he had his advanced patients create. So, we will create our own painted opus.

Activating Your Imagination. March 1st A 6 week course on active imagination, this offering focuses on the heart of the soul's path and power, what Jung called "a way or method, to heal, raise and transform the personality." Active imagination is a way to create yourself by engaging with the images of the unconscious in art. Jung spoke of the secret and effectiveness of art as a return to a mystical participation with art and nature and the "magical value" of art. This is active imagination.  

Coming SOON . . .


Compassionate Cancer Care Journal. Feb. 15th An in-depth resource that gathers information to help you on your healing journey. From practical guidance on diet and nutrition to art therapy and yoga, this course travels with you as your journey from diagnosis through treatment to healing transformation. Offering a wealth of information along with weekly content for mind, body, and spirit, this course is designed to support you in the ways and the time that you need it most. Designed to create a supportive container for your healing process, this class is a 12-week intensive initiating you on a transformational journey. Following in Jung’s archetypal footsteps on the path that he taught his advanced patients, this course is designed to help you begin your Black and Red Books as a creative journaling process.

Creative Healing Journal. Feb 15th Create your own healing journal practice in a 6 week class. Journaling has been found to promote many positive healing results from improving creativity and wellbeing to reducing stress, anxiety, and disease. While many of these outcomes require a 4 month practice to show results, this is a first step on your journey. Looking at the practices of people from the past, this class takes an archetypal approach. Each week looks at an example from Jung to Hildegarde of Bingen, Leonardo da Vinci to Frida Kahlo, as you evolve your OWN practice. 

Remembering Your Roots. Mar. 15th This is a 6 week course that returns to childhood creativity to reclaim lost parts of yourself and your potential. Come connect to the roots of your past, body, and the earth to allow greater access to the parts of yourself that have been repressed or buried. This is a chance to reclaim your past and power.

Rites of Passage CLASSES. Connecting to NATURE

Passage Kit Mar. 1st A kit with all of the essentials to hold your own rite of passage.   

Individual Passage. Mar. 15th An 8 week rite of passage course that guides individuals from one identity, perspective, and life into another. Following the archetypal process of transformation found in rites of passage throughout cultures and times, you transition from one stage and state of consciousness to another. In this process you are held in the circle of the group, creating a circle of power and intention to help support you. Moving through the stages of separation, preparation, transformation, and integration, you prepare for, design, and undergo your own rite of passage, developing a new skillset and claiming a new name and identity. Through this experience you discover more about who you are: your power, purpose, and calling, fostering greater honesty, authenticity, resiliency, and stability. This is a path that leads from fear to love.

Partner, Family, and Group. Mar. 15th An 8 week rite of passage course designed not for individuals but for couples, families, and groups to go through together. Like the Individual Passage, it guides you from one identity, perspective, and life into another but it does so together. With built in time alone and in group, this offering guides you from one stage and state of consciousness to another as you deepen your relationships. You are held in the circle of the group, creating a circle of power and intention to help support each of the members. Moving through the stages of separation, preparation, transformation, and integration, you prepare for, design, and undergo your own rite of passage, developing a new skillset and claiming a new name and identity both individually and together. This is an experience that fosters greater honesty, authenticity, resiliency, and stability.


*Group rates are available if you bring a circle together on your own--whether a soccer team or a group of friends.

Partner, Family, and Group. Mar. 15th An 8 week rite of passage course designed for people undergoing a healing journey. Though it is specifically designed to support those undergoing cancer, it can be taken by people healing from any disease. It is also designed to support both the individual and their family with coursework and discounts for them. 

*These courses are taught in collaboration with Buck Pavoni, a licensed counselor, and Jordan Zimmerman, a youth counselor.

All multi-week courses include:

  • An introductory packet and weekly content

  • A group opening and closing circle

  • Built in group and partner support with a live weekly circle and alchemical/transformational partner option

  • An opening and closing individual 30 minute session with Heather to create a container

  • An emergent/emergency 30 minute individual session with Heather in the 12 week and 2 in 24  week course

  • A paid option for more sessions (111 for an hour with reduced rate packages) 

  • A platform to share art and experiences as well as discussion

  • An internal mechanism for "homework," tracking, and certification

  • A community internal social media hub (not Facebook)

  • Live creativity labs to demonstrate art techniques from drawing to calligraphy and painting

  • Alchemical labs for personal transformation (experiential exercises)

  • Exploration of depth psychological concepts and principles—from archetypes to mythology

  • Video sessions on yoga, forest bathing, active imagination, and more

Course Format:

Each class will have a weekly live zoom meeting along with written, audio, and video content (unless noted otherwise). Recordings will be available for those who miss class (other than class discussions of a personal nature), and archived to give you ongoing access. A private social media portal will provide intimate class communication and connection.

Why Follow the Soul? The Soul Knows the Way.
Why Create Art? The Soul Speaks in Images.

Reasons to Walk the Path:

Jung asked: “But why do I encourage patients to express themselves at a certain stage of development by means of brush, pencil or pen? . . I wish to produce an effect" in which the student "begins to play an active part.” This process has a profound effect: it transforms you. In its images you are recreated so that you can recreate the world. But you have to experience this yourself.

To take your fate into your Hands          Embody your Soul          Claim your Power


Course Outcomes: What will you gain?

Sincere participation will help you overcome fear, anxiety, and depression to experience deeper love, integration, and connection. Deep application will help to understand and experience dreams, visions, and revelations as a communication from your soul. An extended immersion in this process has been found to help create:

  • A clearer vision of yourself and others

  • A more intimate connection with yourself, soul, and others 

  • A greater connection with nature and the natural world

  • A deeper awareness and understanding of individual and collective shadow

  • A courageous and compassionate outlook on the world or worldview

  • A clearer sense of your gift and calling

  • A more embodied experience of yourself and soul

  • A new stability and center in your whole Self and soul

  • A fuller identification with your Self and soul

  • Memories and capacities that you had forgotten

  • A deeper levels of self-love, care, awareness, and acceptance 

  • A grounding sense of peace and underlying order in creation

  • A guiding vision and navigation sense and toolkit

  • A deeper sense of purpose and passion

  • An optimism based in a power and order that is beyond and in you

  • A skillset to help you cope with life, integrating body, mind, and spirit

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." Harriet Tubman


This is an Invaluable form of Individuation or Liberation. 

It is a transformation of the Soul that frees you from suffering to free others.

This path defies description. Jung said, “pictures do produce effects which, I must admit, are rather difficult to describe. When a patient has seen once or twice how he is freed from a wretched state of mind by working at a symbolical picture, he will thenceforward turn to this means of release whenever things go badly with him. In this way something invaluable is won, namely a growth of independence, a step towards psychological maturity. The patient can make himself creatively independent by this method –if I may call it such. He is no longer dependent on his dreams or on his doctor’s knowledge, but can give form to his own inner experience by painting it." This is the magical value of art and the soul's power to transform. It is an experience that I have born witness to in my own process and those who have journeyed with me. It is a path defies words and must be experienced.

Outcomes of Your Journey. 

This path takes you to different places, resulting in different outcomes. This may mean a deeper or new relationship with a partner, a job and the world, but it always begins with a deeper understanding of yourself and your soul. Beyond all else, this journey represents a union with the soul. It is a way of embracing and uniting with the soul. On this path you will:

find your Soul +Center +Purpose +Passion +Potential    

In following in the creative steps of the soul you will decrease anxiety, fear and depression  through hope, love and compassion.    



"The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting." Vincent Van Gogh 

"It is not to be thought; it is to be viewed. It is a painting." C. G. Jung of his soul


Heather is an artist who loves to explore art and education as a creative path to transformation and revelation. She is inspired by our collective human potential and how we can catalyze personal passion into powerful and sustainable collective change. She has a doctoral degree in art as an archetypal process of individuation (transformation) at Pacifica Graduate Institute and the website and are a result of her study on Jung and his art-based methodology.

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