Recreate yourself, Recreate the world


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An Individuation Journey


An inner Calling


Picking your Path


Recreate yourself, Recreate the world

A CALL to a   Creative Life 
This path initiates you into the creative wisdom of your soul on a learning platform for life..

In this hybrid* online and on-site school you are led through interactive content into the wilds of your creative nature to connect with nature under the guidance of your soul. This coursework (and play) marks the trailhead to a path of self-discovery on which you find your way and your Self (whole self) to claim the buried treasure of your full potential: a soulful life. On this eco-art therapeutic journey you explore how to be natural and discover your creative nature: who you were born to be (and are). Through art journaling, active imagination, deep Self-care and creative exploration, you walk a psycho-dynamic or soul activating path of transformation that leads upon artistic stepping stones to a deeper relationship with yourself, others and the natural world.

*Soul of Creativity offerings are designed to have residentials at the BEloved nature and creativity sanctuary . . . when it reopens.

What is Soul?

Soul means psyche for butterfly, life or life breath. It is our psychology and essence or life force,  a guiding insight and intuition. While it can be imagined as an inner guide or higher aspect of yourself, "soul" is what it means to you. It is a relationship.

What is Art?

This is art as self-expression, self-creation and self-recreation (fun). It is a way to Self-reflect and communicate with your soul and the unconscious through symbolic imagery. It is creative play and psychological therapy. It is soul time.

Hosted on the number one learning platform in an online community called Soul Space, the Soul of Creativity combines modern technology with ancient wisdom to help you explore and map your inner landscape or psychology (soul study). Walking an archetypal path of creative play, we follow in the footsteps of psychologist Carl Jung in his painted opus the Red Book. While Jung referred to this creative process as the school of his soul and nature, his soul called it art. Following in the archetypal footsteps of Jung and others, the Soul of Creativity offers a creative, educational and natural path, connecting our nature to nature. This is an art therapeutic journey that improves outcomes in diseases like cancer and their treatments as well as conditions like depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, PTSD, addiction, and more. In truth, this path leads to healing no matter what the underlying condition because it is based on the restoration of wholeness and balance that are at the heart of health. This is a journey to the peace, love, joy, kindness and compassion that are the true gold at the end of the rainbow.

Navigating through intuition, imagination and synchronicity the Soul of Creativity travels the path from head to heart. following in the footsteps of Jung and those he tracked on a archetypal journey, embodying his belief that "In everyone some kind of artist is hiding." This path offers healing for our time, as Jung said that "the repressed artist must be fetched again from the dark unconscious" and "a path cleared for the urge for artistic expression" to heal. The Soul of Creativity helps clear the way for you to realize that YOU ARE AN ARTIST. While each path is different (painting, writing, carving, dancing, collaging . . . ), all paths lead to a deeper sense of meaning and purpose through connecting with our soul. It is a journey home to ourselves and the Self on which we create the gifts of our soul to offer to the world. 

DARK NIGHT of the   Soul 
This path leads through the dark night of the soul and these times, offering a path of insight and light..
Crossing upon artistic stepping-stones, this path navigates the darkness of our shadowed past (memories and relationships) and modern crisis (cancer, caronavirus . . . ) to create a brighter future. As we move inward into our homes, our bodies and our hearts, the Soul of Creativity offers a heart's path to reconnect with ourselves and others. Shifting from inner darkness to dawning hope to arrive at a new dawn, these courses are designed to help you through the separation and isolation of our time. Whether you are called by a sense of anxiety, depression, or hope this is a healing journey that is educational and transformational, serious and playful. It is a therapeutic path that follows your soul's north star and heart's compass to uncover the gold of self-discovery and self-love. As you walk the path, you are initiated by the wisdom of dreams and inner guidance into a deeper, richer and more meaningful life. In the art of your soul, you become healed and whole.

Honoring the Call


Starting the Path


Diving Deep into soul

On this journey of Self discovery the soul helps you find


your way and the buried treasure of repressed parts of  yourself. This is a path of into the wilds of your uncharted unconscious nature that calls you to   explore where you have been, are and are going.


Are you Ready?


Making the Commitment


Reaching Out

This is a path designed by You for  you.

This program is tailor made for you by You. While Heather has researched the soul's creative archetypal nature, combining evocative visuals and insightful words to alchemize cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom into stepping stones upon the path, it is your soul that provides the deep magic. It is the soul you follow and only you can connect to your soul (You). The Soul of Creativity is about realizing your Self (whole or ensouled) potential through the transcendent insight of your soul because our creativity connect us to all creation. This path has the power to transform your life and the world because the soul IS LIFE. While we may feel alone, we walk side by side in the darkness together on a shared path in soul.

The soul is life. Are you called to live a more purposeful and  powerful life?

Heather experienced a Soul's Calling  to guide you on this journey. 
Seven years ago Heather heard an inner voice declare: "People have forgotten how to learn through art." She took this declaration as a soul's calling (meaning "vocation") and embarked on a path of inner guidance and synchronicity. Applying an art history degree and 3 decades of experience as a professional artist, Heather researched how art is a forgotten path of transformation, getting a doctoral degree in psychology with a focus on art as a transformational psychological path. Her guide on this journey was not only her soul but Jung who was guided by his soul through art. Studying those who walked this path before, Jung guided his advanced patients, following an archetypal pathway to map our individual and collective life journey. The soul's cartographic (map-making) knowledge guides us through symbols, teaching us how to navigate through symbolic sight and insight to gain intuition. More than that, the soul helps us heal and remember forgotten parts of ourselves to become whole.
Do you feel a Calling  to embark on this journey? 
On this path, you follow in the footsteps of Jung, his patients and those who walked before (from your ancestors and those beyond memory). But this is your path: a soul path that, while archetypal or universal, is deeply personal. You are creating and healing YOU and yet you are also creating and healing the world. This is a path of paradox that leads into the past to remember the future, kneeling down to ascend to greater heights. On it we go within to enter the world, entering the unconscious to become conscious. We move into the darkness to meet the dawn, individuating more fully into ourselves to unite more wholly with others. It is a path of union and the soul's transcendent function (as Jung called it) that offers a chance to balance and bridge in a time of personal and collective need. Ultimately, this path offers a way to heal yourself and the world: Selfish and selfless. For when you find your buried treasure (you and your gift), you give it to the world.
The soul's path leads you on a heroic journey of a  life time and our time.
Spanning all cultures and ages, this path is like a treasure map that charts an inner psychological landscape, guiding us on a heroic journey to rediscover the gold of forgotten parts of our Self buried in the unconscious. Like any hero or heroine, we all have to find our way back home to our nature and nature to become healed or whole. Like in any quest or fairy tale, there are characters who help us on our way. Using the narrative of the hero.ine's journey, Heather has created a structure to help us remember our way and find these guides. While this is a well-established path in our history and mythology as well as our psychology, with pathways into caves reflected in neural pathways, it has been forgone and forgotten in modern times. Despite the fact that this path is known in our bones, it can be hard terrain to navigate, lacking solid ground, and it helps to have someone who has walked it before. That is the role of the guide (life coach or therapist). Heather has prepared to guide you and provide psychological support. With a doctoral degree that spans neural, eco and archetypal psychology, Heather has followed her soul's call through decades of personal and professional growth (learned from trees as much as books). Her training and certifications includes: art therapy; dreamwork; native studies; rites of passage; life coaching; and graphic facilitation. She weaves this experience into a path that is playful, powerful, and soulful but, most of all, yours.

Are you called to receive and give the  Gift of your soul?  

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift." Albert Einstein 


Heather is an artist who loves to explore art and education as a creative path to transformation and revelation. She is inspired by our collective human potential and how we can catalyze personal passion into powerful and sustainable collective change. She has a doctoral degree in art as an archetypal process of individuation (transformation) at Pacifica Graduate Institute and the website Seeingthruart.com and transformingthruart.com are a result of her study on Jung and his art-based methodology.

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